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Why can’t I play as good on stage as I do in practice?

I remember my worst gig ever…

I had a warm, tingly feeling throughout my body.

I’d never met these two guys I was about to play with before, but it was too late anyway. I’d already said “yes” to the jam session and was sat behind the kit with the whole crowd staring in anticipation.

Without warning, the guitarist hit the intro riff to Johnny B Goode.

When I heard the guitar riff, I immediately recognized it, and a little “oh no!” went off inside my head. But luckily, there were only two short bars before I had to hit the first snare flam to begin the song, so I didn’t really have time to panic.

I started playing, the bass kicked in, and we were off to the races! It was too late to regret anything now.

And well… it was a disaster!

I remember feeling the huge difference from the comfort of my practice space.

When practicing, I could relax, keep it steady, control the dynamics and simply enjoy myself.

On stage, however, I was tense, nervous, excited and it just felt like I couldn’t seem to pull myself together at all.

The strange drum kit, two musicians I had never met before, the different sounds and acoustics all around me… it was all so unfamiliar.

I remember gripping the drumsticks way too hard, not to mention smacking the drums with all my might. It wasn’t something I was trying to do, it simply occurred without my permission.

It’s not like I was unaware that I was playing too hard (and fast for that matter), it’s just I couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I was so tense and nervous I couldn’t gain control.

I can’t remember how many more songs we played, or what songs they were. I only remember that first one, and after that, everything is a blur!

And the worst part is–they probably only remember that first song too!

And since we never met again, that one disaster of a song remains as their sole memory of my musical abilities. Which of course, all these years later, are now completely different.

The question I myself had in my own head was “why can’t I play as good on stage as I do in practice?”

Well… now I know!

After 20+ years of live gigging, the experience I’ve gained has taught me everything I needed to know about playing on stage.

It’s all the stuff I never could have learned practicing alone or studying the drums.

It’s all the secret tips, tricks, and advice that have kept me working as a live musician for 20+ years.

When I play live now, I not only play as good as in practice… I play better!

If only I could have learned these tips somehow all those years ago…


Pro Drummer Secrets

The ebook for drummers who want to… 

Play on stage like a pro, have rockstar confidence and nail their live gigswithout needing years of experience.

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In this 125 page ebook you will learn:

  • How to find out what you really need to practice instead of wasting your time on stuff you will never use on stage (page 15)

  • The single most important technique that will turn you into a human metronome so the whole band can always fall back on your rhythm (page 24-75)

  • How to always know where you are, never get lost and be able to guide your bandmates no matter what (page 46)

  • The secret way the Pro’s use the soundcheck to uncover problems before they happen (page 56)

  • How to understand and avoid overplaying so you can become the drummer that every band wants to work with (page 87-100)

  • How to relax, stay in control and enjoy the feeling of grooving on stage (page 79)

“I use Pro Drummer Secrets as my stage bibleI found out that by using these easy keys, I became a better drummer with a focus on an easy but steady groove. After reading the book, I’m excited but in balance, because I have discovered that by following the advice I have control over my drumming and the band can fall back on my rhythm. Pro Drummer Secrets focuses on the facts about being a drummer on stage, where you have problems like your drums sounding strange, problems hearing your band mates, all the things that stress you out. By focusing on the advice in the book it will bring you into a comfort zone and that makes you a better drummer.”

— Benny P. (Denmark)

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It’s said that it takes 10.000 hours to become a master at anything…

The problem is, the time you spend practicing “off-stage”, doesn’t count.

Playing live is such a different environment, it takes years and years of live gigging to gain the experience.

Unless you learn the secrets now!

You can either wait until you have racked up 10.000 hours live on stage, or you can invest in Pro Drummer Secrets and start applying 20+ years of experience at your next gig!

“Pro Drummer Secrets is a wealth of information for the gigging drummer. Just like his Drums-On-Stage Blog, Dominic shares his unique perspective based on first-hand experience. The contents of this book can benefit the drummer both on stage and off. I highly recommend this book for all drummers who are interested in improving their skill set or performance.”

— Michael Aubrecht, Co-author of “FUNdamentals of drums for kids” with Rich Redmond and contributing writer for Drumhead/Modern Drummer magazines.

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