One more thing…

I’ve gotten some great feedback after putting out the 5 keys to grooving on stage video course. But since the course is fairly new, I haven’t got many formal testimonials just yet.

Maybe you could help me out with a quick testimonial for the video course.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated… here are some examples:

“Hey Dominic,
All of the info you provided was absolutely critical to live stage performance. These videos were a great refresher for me. You did an outstanding job putting all of this together!
Thank you, — Mike”

“Hi Dominic,
Before I watched your videos, my tempo was all over the place. I practiced the tips you laid out and it made a huge difference to my playing. My band even asked me how I improved so quickly. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on everything you put out from now on. Thanks a lot! — John”

“Hey Dom,
I used to get really nervous before a live gig. But after your course, I have so much more confidence in my live groove. It really pointed out my problem areas and helped me fix them. Now I finally sound as good on stage as I do in practice. Thank you — Anna”

Could you leave me a testimonial for the 5 keys to grooving on stage video course?

If you do, it may appear on my website (and /or emails) attributed to your name and city.

Thanks, I’ll be in touch 🙂