Coming Soon

I’m VERY close to wrapping up my long awaited book.Ebook cover Lightninboi 3D

I started working on it back in the beginning of 2016, but I’m finally ready to release it in both ebook and audiobook form in the coming weeks.

The book itself is all the things about live playing I learned over two decades of playing on stage.

I’ll be covering all the stuff about playing live you can’t learn at school or by studying alone. Like how to practice for the stage, how to get familiar with the sound, how to keep your tempo in check while playing live, etc.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I hit save on the last document, I want to make sure I have covered everything.

And that’s where you come in… please take a second to answer this super-short question:

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate the help 🙂

One more thing that is purely optional:

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