3 thoughts on “Practice Only what you Need to Reach your Drumming Goals

  1. Agree with your presentation. I can read a bit but rely on memory most of the time. Sometimes I get grief from folks because I don’t use a double pedal. I play in a blues band so it would be superfluous for me to haul something I’m not going to use. I work on beats needed. And I work on my time. That’s problem the most important. As a singing drummer I have to internalize the drum parts quickly so that I can give proper attention to the vocal performance, especially if I’m singing lead. All of this works well for me and especially for my band mates.


    1. Well said, Paul. I used to have another 2 toms on my set-up. But since we’re on a small stage, I’m limited with the space I have, so I got rid of them. And I can’t say I miss them lol


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