A metronome can be a great tool when we practice. We can check our tempo against the metronome, slow down difficult techniques and practice our rhythm building.

But what about playing live?

Sounds like a good idea right? But will you and your band really have perfect timing if you use a metronome on stage?

Well after 20+ years of playing on stage, here’s what I think 🙂


7 thoughts on “Should You Use a Metronome to Play Live?

    1. I pay with a variety band and I use a click track 100% of the time. I’m VERY comfortable with it. It has greatly help with my time. The band’s former drummer was fired because he couldn’t play with a click track.


  1. I played many years ago and never used a click. Our tempos were all over the place. After a long layoff I’ve started playing again and I’m surprised by all the technology that’s available today including easy to use click tracks. I jam with 3 different groups of musicians and they are all different. One group follows me on a click almost perfectly, another group does fair and the third group can’t lock down to a click at all. What I’ve learned so far is that the click is a tool, and a really good one at that but you have to have the flexibility to work both with it and without it comfortably. I’m surprised how much human factors influence our perception of tempo vs actual tempo…

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    1. That’s right Steve. It’s a tool to use when necessary, but at a cost. Not all drummers can keep a good tempo without one, not all drummers can follow one correctly, and not all bands can follow a drummer that’s following a click.

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  2. I use a metronome live thru my ipod. I use it for reference with tempo markings and check it maybe once or twice to make sure I’m not pushing or pulling to much. The app uses a light button scale or sound, I only use the light indicator. It works great ! I have developed a keen skill with an audio click usually in the studio. A tool for sure as mentioned by others. I also use the Tama metronome because I can program 30 tempos for shows that involve radical tempo changes written on the charts.


  3. I play in a cover band, where we bank on nostalgia by staying true to the original records, special effects and all. We keep a click in our IEM for live performance and rehearsal (using Tempo app to make playlists; drummer controls it). Tough at first, but it’s made each of us much better musicians. We get regular compliments about how “tight” we sound.

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