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What if you could walk out on stage with rock star confidence, have complete control over your playing and nail your live gigs every time?

That’s exactly what the 5 KEYS TO GROOVING ON STAGE FREE VIDEO COURSE will teach you how to do.

(Hint: these lessons could take decades of experience to learn on your own and some drummers never even do!)

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This Free Training Will Teach You:



Learn to deal with the excitement, kick the nerves and keep your dynamics and tempo under control with the first 2 keys to live grooving



Be the most musical drummer you can and fit your band like a glove by learning the real secret to avoid over-playing and how to match your bands groove every time



Learn the single most important mistake most drummers make on stage: how to communicate with your band and always be in control of the groove

What Drummers Are Saying:

All of the info you provided was absolutely critical to live stage performance. These videos were a great refresher for me. You did an outstanding job putting all of this together! Thank you.


Dominic, your tips are precious and helped me a lot! Thanks and keep up the good work! Cheers, Richard

Richard Vos | Netherlands

Your video regarding time and tempo playing live on stage was really a great help for me. It changed the way I looked at the drums. Now I don’t have many issues and am comfortable with most setups. Thank you very much.

Prithviraj Nunisa | India

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